Freight North Texas is an ongoing planning program led by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) to enhance the safety, mobility, efficiency, and air quality associated with freight movements in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. NCTOG initiated a Freight Optimization Study in 2022 to improve movement of trucks to not only assist with expedited deliveries but also reduce emissions. Public input and feedback during the project formation is extremely important and valuable to optimize the roadway network to meet the public needs and desires. We ask for you to provide your valuable input using the following steps:

Map Instructions:

Click “OK” below, then click “Add Comment” from the right side of the screen, to get started. Then select the type of comment you’d like to add and click the location on the map where you have encountered an issue or envision improvements. 

Comment icons are provided for the following issue or improvement categories:

  • Truck Issue
  • Recommended Signal
  • Freight Oriented Development
  • Freight Oriented Development (FOD) Feature
  • Freight Route (Use line comment feature to draw identified routes)

Please be location-specific with your comments, where applicable.

Comments can include areas where freight priority will be helpful or might have negative impacts to other traffic.

It is also helpful to denote freight routes and particularly locations where freight is proceeding through a signal habitually in a specific direction, such as a left-turn.

Make sure that under Currently Viewing, that All Recommended Signals is selected.

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