How it Works

  • No new hardware to be installed at each traffic signal
  • No new hardware to be installed on the truck
  • Works with any NTCIP-compliant traffic controller with signal priority capability
  • Does not require replacement of or changes to any city ATMS software
  • Works with any high-resolution (1s-5s) AVL feed from a variety of third-party systems
  • Can be used by freight operators without AVL by using our mobile or dash appliance app

Freightpriority Ecodrive app

The Freightpriority Ecodrive app provides real-time advisory information to any mobile device. The driver will know when the traffic signal will change, as well as the recommended travel speed, to arrive at the traffic signal when it is ready to turn green.

Smart Priority System

The Smart Priority system uses GPS location data from a truck’s existing AVL system or from the Freightpriority Ecodrive app to provide added green time, as needed, to allow the truck to safely proceed through the traffic signal.

The use of Freightpriority Ecodrive limits the need to change the existing signaltiming plan through interventions like added green time.